About Face

Chapbook cover with embroidery thread wrapping

About Face is a handbound chapbook featuring poetry and prose responding to artwork by Susan Low-Beer. The design of the About Face chapbook takes its cue from the various processes the artist engaged to produce this body of work. Twenty-six portrait heads were created using the same mold, into which Low-Beer pressed an array of texturally varied clay pieces; each sculpture is a variation on the same basic form. The layout of the chapbook is similarly structured around a repeating window or frame of fixed dimension within which the individual heads are centered, echoing the iterative nature of the series.

About Face was published by Fieldnotes/MSH in September 2013 in an edition of 100 copies.

Susan Low-Beer, www.susanlow-beer.com

Kelley Aitken, Grant Carmichael, Beth Follett, Maureen Scott Harris, Margaret Hollingsworth, Maureen Hynes, Sue MacLeod, Jim Nason, Ruth Roach Pierson, and Sheila Stewart

Shani K Parsons

Incredible Printing, Toronto

Don Taylor, www.dontaylorbookbinder.com

Lawrence Acland, David Kaye, Susan Low-Beer, and Shani K Parsons

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